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What happens to our skin as we age?
And ... what you can do to turn back the hands of time
Fabulous products that work!

In our 20’s ... you may have started having children. Stretch marks may be an issue on the stomach due to the tearing of the collagen and elastic fibers during your rapid weight gain. You may not have even thought of yourself as having wrinkles or aging at that time. You may not have even have thought that good skin care was necessary. Gals in your 20’s …can you relate?

In our 30’s ... This is the decade when years and years of sunbathing start to take their toll. Fine lines and creases start to appear.

By the time you reach age18,
over 80% of your lifetime sun damage
has already been done to your skin.

Of course, you may have forgotten that you have also been sleeping on one side of your face since you were two years old. Stand in front of a mirror and you can see which side actually looks older. Take a clean white sheet of  plain paper and hold one side up showing only one half of your face at a time. Study each side carefully for five seconds.

When  you look really close at a news reporter (not that you watch the news ever), however you can see more fine creases around one eye than the other, and a longer, deeper crease around the nasal-labial (nose to lip) area. You will be able to tell which side they sleep on. (I know you will be looking much closer at all your friends faces now!)

In our 40’s ... The effects of a lifetime of exposure to the sun become more obvious. Sunscreen becomes a bigger part of your life. Little brown spots, sometimes called liver spots appear on your face, hands, feed and back. They are called that because they are the color of liver and are not caused by your liver or a liver condition that you may have.

Resaca (broken little veins on the cheek areas or coup rose) often starts to show up around this time. The brown spots and rosacea can be softened and in most cases totally reduced though skin care products that are developed to get you results!

Not only can you find products that are anti-aging, but they are age-reversing! We are in the WELLNESS REVOLUTION now and the baby-boomers are demanding products and services that are highly beneficial that really work!

In our 50’s and 60’s ... Some of the changes in your body are due to menopause which has a dramatic effect on your skin. Moisturizing has become highly important. As you age your blood moves slower through your body, the result is much drier skin. Not only does it become drier, especially from the heat and the dry desert environment but also loss of elasticity begins in this stage. This loss of elasticity helps the skin to begin the very first stages of   the drooping and sagging process. Of course, gravity is Not our friend at this point.

Skin Evaluations: You also want to make sure that you have a skin evaluation every year. This is where you go to see your Dermatologist to have them check every inch of the skin on your body. They will look to see if they find any unusual skin tags, red or colored spots, as well as the development of skin cancer and precancerous growths that may be starting to develop.

If you have any concern about an area and you would like to see a dermatologist and do not have one. You may call me and ask for a recommendation. I have two wonderful gals that I refer all my clients to.

If you were born between the years of 1946 to 1964,
YOU are a Baby Boomer!

  • You probably don't look or act your chronological age!
  • You are in great shape, and are determined to stay in great shape!
  • Most of your closest friends are younger than you!
  • Because of your outlook on life, you are likely able to relate very well to the younger generations.
  • You may have friends who are jealous that you are dating a man much younger than yourself. That’s because he finds your spirit very appealing!
  • And, if you have friends in your age group, chances are ... they can't keep up with you!

In our 70’s and 80’s…. our bodies may be wanting a little more attention. If you are in this special group, you can reverse your aging process also. Yes, there is hope, so DO NOT GIVE UP!!

We now have technologies
that everyone ages 19 to 90 can use
not only prevent but actually reverse the aging process!

That’s what Grandmothers have in common these days with their Grand daughters. They all want to look great! Mothers and daughters are all looking younger and there appears to be fewer years between the generations.

I have several friends reporting that when they go out with their daughters, they're told they all look like sisters! (There are even a couple cases where they can share one another’s wardrobe!) Its not unusual to have three generations of the same family come in for a special facials and ... they want “results” now. It’s wonderful and they all love it!!!

Even now the 19 year-olds are seeking age-reversing products. They do not want to look “old” as they put it. They look at their parents and grandparents and they can see their future. They can see where their skin will be in 20, 30, 40, 50 years. They are way ahead in their thinking about their skin compared to what you were thinking about and doing at that age. They are seeing everything that is a “makeover” on television from making over your kitchen, backyard, closet, to your face and your body! They want it now and they are getting it----Now!

European women have always taken care of their skin. They start to take their daughters for facials in their pre-teen years. Europeans are 8-10 years ahead of the American culture in the areas of skincare and fashion.

I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and was in that industry for 15 years and now skincare for 20 years. They are both very fast-paced industries and very exciting to be a part of. The Swiss especially are known for their precision in research, science and development. They have high integrity and highly advanced in re-inventing the wheel. In the skincare field they are years ahead as in all of Europe. They are revealing technologies that will take Americans years to develop. They work in the areas of botanically-based Swiss principles that have founded their company on.

American companies on the other hand like to create desire and hope through millions of dollars with advertising and marketing. So you the consumer are paying for the advertising, marketing, packaging, labeling. If you are purchasing it from a retail outlet-department store, food stores, health stores, salons, and various boutiques, than you are also paying for their rent. You are not paying for the contents of the bottle. You are paying for the outside and all that is involved in getting from the manufacturer to you-the consumer.

Next time you step into a department store, food store in their skincare department, health store, a beautiful salon and a cute boutique, you will remember now that there a different levels of personal care products.

You want the best products that are the purest, the safest, with the most benefits that will show your amazing “before and after” photos and the great results that you are paying for. Also ask them if your can get it “wholesale”, as the same price that they are buying it for and see  what they say.

As always, if you have any questions ... you may call me anytime.
To Your Health & Happiness! ~ Linda

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